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At present, we can produce our products for all industries such as Automotive Industry, Logistics Service, Warehouse and others. More than 90% is made to order. We can produce the best products and ensure that our customers will be satisfied and suited for all needs.

Thailand is Located at nearly the center of the ASEAN region, so it can be expected that going forward, it will continue to become more and more of a focal point for manufacturing and distribution. Even within this, our company can provide specialized logistics diversification. We are a one-stop supplier of transport-use steel cases, steel racks, steel pallet, and items that include packing materials. We feature a specialized design team that can handle our customer’s needs, especially when it comes to steel cases, steel racks, and steel pallet. They can suggest the best products for our customer’s needs, and even prepare samples to show them. Our products are always produced under quality control standards, which ensure that they can safely transport our customer’s important products in any manner.



Steel Pallet is a product that can be applied in many types depending on the material and purpose of utilization. The Steel Pallet is the main product of our company; it’s made from the melting steel and then assembled together.

With expertised in design and manufacturing, we are provided the Steel cases, Steel Racks and Steel Pallets for packaging automotive parts to several customers,  The product called “Module”, that depending on the utilization, for one time packing is “One-Way” and can be packing in many times is “Returnable” and to be come as a “One Stop Service” for all other packing materials.

As we are a One Stop Service, more products are Buffering & Packing Material such as Carton Box, Pulp Mold, EVA, Polyurethane, Foam, Plastic container. We can recommend the best products to meet customer’s needs.



Bending Machines
Shearing Machines
Robot Welding
Welding Machine Co2
Spot Welding Machine
Punching Machines
Plasma CNC Machines
Circular Saw Machines
Horizontal Band Saw Machines
Corner Shearing Machines
Stamping Machines
PU Sandwish Panel
Laser Cut Machine
Powder Coating Machine
Square Pipe Machine


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